Homeowner Insurance Claim Issues

Homeowners across the country have to deal with insurance claims on a daily basis. For many homeowners, this can be a painful experience.
Here is a quick breakdown of the process

1. Homeowner suffers a catastrophic event such as a fire, flooding, storm or wind damage, or even discovery of

mold requiring a major home repair and contact their insurance company

2. The insurance company sends out their own adjustor to estimate the extent of the damage.

3. The adjustor present their findings to you the homeowner with their estimate to fix your home

Here are some questions the homeowner needs to get answered.
Is the insurance company looking out for my best interest?
The answer is “Probably Not.” The bottom line is Insurance companies are in business to make as much money as
possible and payout as little as possible to their policyholders.
Do you understand your homeowner’s insurance claim?
Most policyholders understand that the mortgage company requires the insurance policy, however a large number
of people assume they are fully protected and a catastrophic event makes them realize they are not getting what
they deserve.
Do you understand the adjustor’s exactimate document?
The exactimate document is the document that you are presented with from the adjustor to indicate what they think
the insurance company should pay you for your claim. This document is designed to be a confusing document to
the homeowner thus giving the feeling the policyholder is being given the best deal.
Is there enough money to put “Your Home Back Together” as it was before the damage?
Our experience says No!!
How can a homeowner protect themselves and do they options?
Motts Contracting Service has 100% success rate when fighting for your money. We review your claim, review
the adjustor’s estimate, and write up a proposal to complete the repairs as needed. Again, Mott’s has a 100% success rate.
Bottom Line,
Don’t go it alone against the insurance companies, protect yourself and your family. Motts Contracting Services is
a fully licensed and insured general contractor and have completed over 4500 residential and commercial projects
since 1999. Call or email Motts Contracting Services today!
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