Team 203K

Mott’s Contracting Services had developed a new team concept to help clients achieve
homeownership on properties that would be considered diamonds in the rough. These properties
normally need substantial renovation work prior to the buyer being able to move into the
property. We call this program Team 203K.
The FHA 203k Program allows a buyer to purchase a home and completed renovations prior to
moving into the property. Mott’s Contracting Services is partnering with realtors and lenders in
the greater Tampa market to offer buyers a total team effort in order to assist with buyers to
realize the homeownership dream under the 203K Loan Program.
Mott’s has the capabilities to handle any interior and exterior renovation projects. Our realtor
partners have expertise in helping their clients identify properties that need some work but are in
solid markets. Our lending partners have strong experience dealing with this loan program to the
extent of having dedicated 203K underwriting and processing departments.
We encourage to you take advantage of the Team 203K for your clients that looking to utilize
this program and want a dedicated team working with them from start to finish.
For more information on Team 203K, please contact:
Jerry Dienes
Director of Sales and Operations
813-992-7596 Direct * 813-931-7596 Office