Exterior Paint

Project : Exterior Paint
Project Type : Exterior paint
Project Location : Tampa
Project Description :

Exterior Painting:
Pressure Wash Prep. Caulk all imperfections on the home exterior. Caulk all small cracks in the stucco, windows and doors as needed. 1 coat masonry surface sealant. 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Super paint.
Balcony Acrylic paint Application:
Painting of the balcony flooring includes: Pressure wash prep. Caulk all cracks in the balcony flooring. Apply up to 2 coats of an Acrylic Paint product (customer to provide the paint colors).
Balcony railings:
There are balcony railings on the front and rear of this building are a metal product. Current paint is pealing off of the railings. We will hand scrape these railings, lightly wire brush them and apply a DTM (direct to metal Paint) in a black color to cover the current green color.
Awning Removal and disposal:
Removal of all the awning systems on the building. This covers the Green fabric awnings. We will patch the holes from removal with an elastomeric caulking compound. Some areas may require equipment to access.